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Dirt and Smudges on your screen?

Clean your phone

We use our phones day in and day out. Tapping and swiping, leaving greasy smudges that easily transfer to our faces the moment we take a call. With just a quick swipe using See Clear Lens Cleaning wipes, the grease is quickly absorbed and your phone is left clean as new.

Foggy glasses make it hard to see?

Clean your Glasses

Eye glasses get foggy, greasy and full of finger prints throughout the day. See Clear's advanced polypropylene fabric and proprietary formula absorbs oils effortlessly. Combined with hundreds of micro inset dots, dust and grime are is safely kept away from your valuable lenses, leaving glasses streak free with no risk of scratching.

Dirty Electronics?

Clean Your Camera, laptop, tablet, watches and more

See Clear doesn't just clean your glasses, it's the perfect electronic wipe to clean everything from your laptop screen to your camera lens.

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