Every Customer Gets a Personal Thank You Video

Thank you Wipemart fans!

I started Wipemart over 8 years ago. It was a slow start but I learned much along the way. Like any business, there were ups and downs. But because of our loyal customers, Wipemart continued it’s slow and steady upward growth. Some of you have been loyal See Clear users even before the official formation of Wipemart and many of you are just now discovering how great of a product it truly is.

I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for your business. Without you, Wipemart and See Clear would not be where they are today. In fact, for every single customer who places an order on Wipemart.com this October, I will send a personalized thank you video to each and every one of you. It might take me a few weeks but believe me, you will receive a video from this guy.

My first video

Thank you for your business. Have a great day.

Luke Burgess


Saw See clear wipes in the checkout at the local Hardings market here in Parchment Mi. near Kalamazoo Mi.Thought I would give them a try.I am always needing to clean my glasses.These babies work! I ended up buying all of the wipes they had in every checkout lane over the next few shopping trips.I asked if they planned on getting anymore,And they assured me they would.I have waited two weeks now and no replacements.So, I decided to look you up and buy them direct.You now have a customer for life! I use them on my glasses,Sunglasses,motorcycle goggles,safety glasses at work,my tv and computer screens as well as my phones screen.Love em! Thanks for making a product that really works!

Steven Zoutman July 19, 2022

First time buyer.
Hope to be very satisfied .
Today I placed my first order.
Feel confident.

Noe July 19, 2022

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