Best Way to Clean Your Glasses

See Clear is the best way to clean your eye glasses and sun glasses safely and effectively.

Millions of people wear corrective lenses as well as sun glasses. Odds are that most of you simply wipe your dirty glasses on your t-shirt and continue doing whatever it is you normally do. I'm not judging but that's a horrible habit that can ruin your glasses that you most likely paid far too much for. Below you will find the correct way to clean your glasses safely and conveniently.

What kind of wipe to use.

T-shirts are obviously a big no when it comes to cleaning your glasses, so most people default to using the microfiber cloth that came with their new specs.  After just a few uses, that microfiber cloth will become contaminated with harmful dirt and grim that can scratch your valuable lenses faster than you can say...a word that's really short.

See Clear Lens Cleaner is the worlds best lens cleaner and the perfect wipe for safely cleaning your valuable glasses. See Clear is made from premium polypropylene fabric that will not scratch your phone, and will absorb oil on contact, so there is no need to scrub. Unlike standard paper wipes, See Clear features small inset holes that trap dirt and grim.  It's anti-fog, ammonia free formula will safely keep your glasses clean and streak free. Bellow is a simple 2 step process for cleaning your eye glasses.

The cleaning method

Step One:  Remove a wipe

See Clear features an easy to open, resealable ridged label. Simply pull up on the tab and remove a single wipe by pinching and pulling straight out.  Be sure to seal the label back in place to increase the life of the remaining wipes.

Step Two:  Wipe your glasses

Starting at one end of the lens, simply wipe in one constant motion to the other end.  Repeat this same process for the other lens. Because See Clear fabric absorbs oil on contact, there is no need to rub aggressively.  If not satisfied, simply repeat the process.

That's all there is to it!  You have successfully cleaned your glasses with the worlds best lens cleaner.


You have the very best glass wipes! You are great in the winter to prevent fog up and great in summer too!

margaret warzecha May 11, 2017

Absolutely the best glass cleaner I have ever used

Larry Stokoe October 09, 2016

Absolutely the best glass cleaner I have ever used

Larry Stokoe October 09, 2016

Bought these at the American PX while living in Germany – came back to states (Texas) and could not find them – so glad you are selling them on line. We will be constant customers !!

Kathy Novacek April 23, 2014

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