How to clean your cell phone screen?

The best way to clean bacteria, dirt, grime, and grease, off your cell phone without damaging it.

Cleaning your cell phone screen is not a complicated task.  Most people simply wipe their phone on their shirt or use a microfiber cloth and move on.  Though their screen might look clean, they're simply smearing bacteria around. This is not a good sign considering one-in-six cellphones have fecal matter on them. That's right, most likely your phone has poop on it. And to think, you put this thing up against your face, greatly increasing your chances of getting sick. Something to keep in mind the next time you need to pay a visit to the porcelain Gods and bring your phone along for a stinker and tinker session.

If you want a truly clean cell phone, you must use some kind of safe disinfecting wipe or spray. Spray bottles can be cumbersome and inconvenient where as wipes can easily fit in your pocket or purse.

The Best Wipe to Use

See Clear Lens Cleaner is the worlds best lens cleaner and the perfect wipe for safely cleaning your phones coated or un coated screen. Most lens wipes are made of paper, containing harmful wood fiber that can scratch your phone over time. See Clear is made from premium polypropylene fabric that will not scratch your phone, and will absorb oil on contact, so there is no need to scrub. Unlike standard paper wipes, See Clear features small inset holes that trap dirt and grim.  It's anti-fog, non-streaking, ammonia free formula will safely keep your phone looking its best. Bellow is a simple 2 step process for cleaning your iPhone using See Clear.

The Cleaning Method

Step One:  Remove a wipe

See Clear features an easy to open, resealable ridged label. Simply pull up on the tab and remove a single wipe by pinching and pulling straight out.  Be sure to seal the label back in place to increase the life of the remaining wipes.

Step Two:  Wipe cell phone screen

Starting at one end of the screen, simply wipe in one constant motion to the other end.  Because See Clear fabric absorbs oil on contact, there is no need to rub aggressively.  If not satisfied, simply repeat the process.


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