Free Shipping on every order!

Free Shipping on every order!

Alcohol Wipes for Glass Pipes, 12 PACK BOX (240 WIPES)

How do I clean my Glass Blunt & Glass Mini using Blunt Wipes?

  1. Remove one wipe. Reseal the pack.
  2. Tear the wipe in half for a standard Glass Blunt or one sixth for the Mini.
  3. Wrap the half-sheet (one sixth for the Mini) around the screw like you're rolling a J.
  4. Carefully plunge screw into glass, scrub back and forth until glass tube is clean.
  5. To clean screw, pinch the wipe around the base of the screw and twist away until clean. Use the unused portion of the wipe for any additional cleanup.

Why use Blunt Wipes?

Blunt Wipes is the safe and effective way to clean your Twisty Glass Blunt or Twisty Glass Mini in 30 seconds or less. Using Blunt Wipes after each time you finish off a tube of herbs will keep your Twisty clean and sharable in-between isopropyl alcohol soaks.

  • 20 wipes in resealable pack (240 wipes in 12 pack order)
  • Premium polypropylene fabric absorbs oils
  • Resealable label insures your wipes will stay fresh
  • Easily fits in pocket or purse
  • 7pipe Approved
  • Made in the U.S.A.